Lesson Learned

Since my daughter was born, 8½ years ago, I’ve been BIG on organic milk.  No added hormones, antibiotics, or other unnatural stuff that will help the kids grow a third arm.  No one really needs a third arm.  I wasn’t so a big milk drinker myself before this, but I do like quality and had already become used to organics anyway.  Organic milk just tastes better, IMO.  Richer, smoother, subtly sweeter… when I compared, it just seems that the organic brands simply do a better job with the product.  There is a major problem with organic milk though as even buying in bulk at Costco leaves me with a dent in the wallet.  $11 or more for 1.5 gallons of organic quality is quite a bit more than the $2 I pay for a gallon of 2% regular milk at pretty much every grocer, but I just suck it up and put those dollars down because nothing is too good for my baby.

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