An Unjust Verdict for a Privileged Rapist

6 months in county jail is what a very privileged Stanford student received after raping a woman that he claims he danced with, but somehow was caught raping her while she was passed out drunk behind a dumpster.  As the victim in this case learned from news reports, “…witnesses had discovered her attacker lying on top of her unconscious, partly clothed body. The witnesses intervened and held the attacker for the police.”  This rapist, Brock Allen Turner, was a champion swimmer with Olympic dreams in the first year of a scholarship to Standard.  The judge who sentenced him was a Stanford alum who decided to give this cupcake sentence to this perpetrator because as he put it “there is less moral culpability attached to the defendant, who is … intoxicated”.  That means his rape was OK because he was drunk too, if you’re associated with this judge in some way at least.

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