Jul 192012
Leon Walker and Daughter

I am free.  All charges against me have been dropped.  After two years, 5 months, and 19 days of enduring this arduous battle for my freedom, for my name, and for the right to protect my daughter, I am free.  And just as if I’d spent this time fighting off the attack of the word’s biggest, most vicious grizzly bear, I wear the scars of battle.  My daughter and I have both suffered unthinkably because of this.

From the first moment of this attack, I knew what this all meant.  I knew that my ability to protect my daughter from abuse; my ability to be the father that my child deserves was being maliciously assaulted.  As a dedicated parent and adoring father, I could not and will not accept the terrible fate that those attacking me have decided for my daughter.  I battled with that monstrous grizzly bear and after almost 2½ years of struggle, that bear has been put down, while both my daughter and I stand victorious.

There is of course much more to be said regarding my exoneration, but for now I’ll conclude this statement with a big thank you to all who have supported me through this process.  All my family, friends, and supporters near and far.  Thank you for everything.  Together, we have struck a tremendous blow against injustice.


  1. pamelag2065 says:

    My dear Leon, I never had a doubt that you the charges were going to be dropped and I’m so glad you STOOD YOUR GROUND and not let the system bully you. You are a courageous and wonderful, nephew, father, brother, son, cousin grandson and most important MAN so now that’s it’s all said in done, let the healing began. Take care of yourself and that beautiful child because you deserve her and she deserve you. Love you and congrats.

  2. Thank you, Pamela.