Speaking on Losses

Leon WalkerSeveral days ago, my father passed away.  Already a very difficult time for me right now, this compounds things a great deal.  Life isn’t always easy, that’s for sure.  Over at Partnership for Dads, a charity I’ve been heavily involved with, I attempted to respect my father while giving my thoughts on this difficult experience.  Please take a moment to check it out at http://www.partnershipfordads.org/losing-my-father/.

Losing My Father

Facebook a Little Too Nosey?

As cool as it is as a social networking tool, Facebook is a nosy big-brother app as much as anything else.  They go out of their way to track and profile their users, as this info has tremendous value for them.  Have you ever wanted to know what Facebook REALLY thinks about you though?  Sign on to Facebook from a desktop or laptop (not your phone or tablet) and follow these steps:

  1. Go to http://www.facebook.com/ads/preferences on your browser.  That will bring you to a page with your ad preferences.
  2. Under the “Interests” header, click the “Lifestyle and Culture” tab.

FSnoopingrom there you’ll see the categories for Facebook’s profile of you.  I’ve done this myself, already pretty creeped out by this profiling process they’re doing in the background, and I’ve got to see that I’m almost as fascinated as I am disturbed.  One of the labels they’ve placed on me is Epistemology, which totally surprises me as a word that I’ve never heard of, but upon reading the definition, sounds pretty on point for my interests.  They supposedly only use these profiles they’ve made of users for marketing, to show you ads that are might be more relevant to the profile they’ve made of you, privacy be damned.  I personally have a strong dislike of this kind of activity.  How about rather than show me what you think I want to see, you just display basic adds and let me decide for myself whether I care to look at it.  This profiling and labeling practice gives me the creeps and I can tell you that I have never intentionally clicked on any Facebook at anyway.  For those interested, they do provide a slow click-by-click method of deleting the labels they’ve placed on you, in case you object that strongly.

The New York Times has a pretty good article on the subject at http://www.nytimes.com/2016/08/24/us/politics/facebook-ads-politics.html, if you want a little more detail on the whole deal.

An Unjust Verdict for a Privileged Rapist

Stanford Rapist Brock Turner

6 months in county jail is what a very privileged Stanford student received after raping a woman that he claims he danced with, but somehow was caught raping her while she was passed out drunk behind a dumpster.  As the victim in this case learned from news reports, “…witnesses had discovered her attacker lying on top of her unconscious, partly clothed body. The witnesses intervened and held the attacker for the police.”  This rapist, Brock Allen Turner, was a champion swimmer with Olympic dreams in the first year of a scholarship to Standard.  The judge who sentenced him was a Stanford alum who decided to give this cupcake sentence to this perpetrator because as he put it “there is less moral culpability attached to the defendant, who is … intoxicated”.  That means his rape was OK because he was drunk too, if you’re associated with this judge in some way at least.

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Lesson Learned


Since my daughter was born, 8½ years ago, I’ve been BIG on organic milk.  No added hormones, antibiotics, or other unnatural stuff that will help the kids grow a third arm.  No one really needs a third arm.  I wasn’t so a big milk drinker myself before this, but I do like quality and had already become used to organics anyway.  Organic milk just tastes better, IMO.  Richer, smoother, subtly sweeter… when I compared, it just seems that the organic brands simply do a better job with the product.  There is a major problem with organic milk though as even buying in bulk at Costco leaves me with a dent in the wallet.  $11 or more for 1.5 gallons of organic quality is quite a bit more than the $2 I pay for a gallon of 2% regular milk at pretty much every grocer, but I just suck it up and put those dollars down because nothing is too good for my baby.

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Getting Back to Work…

It’s been a few years now since I’ve kept things active here.  Much has changed in my life.  I’ve left my longtime home of Rochester Hills, I have a new son, I’ve changed careers and I now do a lot of things for Partnership for Dads (I love being a dad).  I’ve personally grown quite a bit over this time.

Most folks used to come to this site looking for the latest news story I was involved in.  Thankfully, that’s pretty old news for me

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